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GTS Thoughts

To bite or not to bite?


It was a little after midnight, and I was up late yet again. I snuck into my kitchen, quiet as a mouse, to raid my refrigerator and construct the ultimate late night “No-Good-Decisions-Are-Made-After-Midnight” sandwich. I rounded up the usual suspects: turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayonnaise. Upon my pillowy bread, I laid gently my turkey slices, my glorious golden cheese, my crunchy lettuce, and succulent tomato. Then, when I was just about to spread my silky mayo upon my top slice, I noted that it was just outside of its use by date. It being late, and me being hungry, I just shrugged my shoulders, slathered that condiment upon my bread, and happily munched away at my sandwich. It was delicious and I suffered no ill consequences as a result (except perhaps to my dignity).